Our philosophy at Artistry is to create texture, whether it is beautiful curls or smooth sleek hair with the most natural, non-toxic ingredients in the industry. We would never compromise our guests or employees health with aldehydes, sulfates, surfactants, fragrances, performance enhancing drugs, petrochemicals, carcinogens or any other harmful chemicals. We create beauty by putting your health first.

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Organic Keratin Smoothing Treatment is the new, more natural and organic hair restoration, smoothing and protein treatment. Formulated with absolutely no formaldehyde, formaldehyde derivatives, parabens or ammonia; it has been designed as a more gentle, safe and natural way to rejuvenate and revive hair. The Organic Keratin Smoothing Treatment smoothing system is a comprehensive solution with supreme respect for the health, wellness and vitality of hairdressers and clients. With UV protection, L-Cystine amino-acids to fight hair loss and rich vitamins and nutrients, Keratin goes unquestioned as the most natural, effective and respected keratin smoothing treatment in the salon industry.

• Made with Certified Organic Ingredients

• Free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde derivatives, parabens or ammonia

• Naturally treats hair-loss with L-Cystine amino-acids and nutrients

• Gently restructures bonds to add soft flow, movement and elasticity

• Restores and rejuvenates hair’s natural beauty while adding strength and vitality.

• Repairs pores, brittle or damaged hair by adding protein that is rich in nutrients

• Supported by a comprehensive system of specially formulated products

If you are experiencing unwanted frizz, or dry lifeless hair it’s about time you try a Keratin Complex Express Blow Out® smoothing treatment. It’s our speediest hair smoothing treatment so you can be in and out of the salon in under one hour! Or to make it even easier, you can have your stylist use it as an add-on during your color service to lock in color and smooth in just 15 minutes!

There’s this misconception that keratin treatments equal straight hair and that’s not the case! Keratin Complex believes that a good hair day starts with healthy hair and our hair treatments make hair healthier, stronger and smoother. Each keratin smoothing treatment in the Keratin Complex portfolio eliminates frizz, increases styling manageability, repairs damage, and leaves hair noticeably softer with incredible shine—instantly!

What is an Express Blow Out® (EBO)? EBO is the speediest hair smoothing solution in the Keratin Complex smoothing treatment lineup. This unique express smoothing service gives your hair the super-charge of keratin your hair is craving in just one hour, with results that last up to 6 weeks! It’s the go-to hair smoothing treatment for those new to keratin.

EBO is truly a versatile treatment that can be done in just 15minutes during your color appointment! Color locking is a great way to use the product especially when you are considering adding fashion colors to your new look to prevent fading and allows you to eliminate unwanted frizz at the same time!

All hair types and lengths can benefit from an Express Blow Out®. Its unique formula allows for it to be added on to a color service for enhanced vibrant hair color and delivers customizable finishes—a curly client looking to define their curls and lose frizz and a client looking for smooth results! Stylists have also found EBO the perfect keratin smoothing tool for quick spot treatments, bangs or problem areas.

What can I expect after an #EBO keratin smoothing treatment?

You can expect beautiful frizz-free hair days! An Express Blowout cuts daily styling time and makes blow-drying faster and easier. Powered by our Signature Keratin, you’re in for stronger, healthier hair with noticeably radiant shine and luminous hair color. Preserve the treatment using a Keratin Care Shampoo & Conditioner formulated without sodium chloride to protect the longevity of your smoothing treatment.

Ask your stylist for a consultation and find out which keratin smoothing treatment is right for you – whether you are looking to embrace your natural texture and curls or get smoother, straighter results, we have a treatment for you!


Hstraighten is the Oway agricosmetic answer. A single product with a double action, differentiated treatments for smoothing or anti-frizz depending on the type of hair and the desired result.

The new Hstraighten taming and smoothing program responds to the specific needs of deeply rehydrating frizzy hair, with a formula which falls within the scope of the technical products, such as smoothing, anti-frizz services and/or for reducing excessive unwanted volume, and as a moisturizing, conditioning and polishing treatment of the hair fibre.



Naturally derived biotechnological complex which provides a film‐forming action on the surface of the hair without weighing it down, increasing the level of conditioning, both wet and dry. In synergy with a rich mix of Coconut and Avocado oils, it constitutes super‐nutrient mix with pronounced protective, moisturizing, emollient properties, which restores the hydrolipidic balance of the hair and smooths its surface, giving brightness and acting as an effective anti‐frizz.


Its Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium content helps to replenish the capillary fibre with minerals, while thanks to its Vitamins A and C it offers energy and antioxidant protection. Dock is cultivated using the biodynamic method, the purest farming technique that completely excludes the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.


technical active ingredient of plant origin with an extraordinary illuminating power. Mullein exploits the principle of photoluminescence, absorbing the most powerful UV radiation and transforming this into extraordinary brightness. Mullein extract increases hair shine with a progressive action, treatment aftertreatment. It protects from photo‐oxidative stress due to UV rays. It makes hair younger and healthier.


in saponins, it has moisturizing and restructuring qualities. Nourishing and elasticizing, it improves the structure of the hair fibre over time. Thanks to the presence of flavonoids, it has an antioxidant action that helps fight cellular aging. It protects from the aggression of external agents.


It recomposes the electrostatic charges which bind together the amino acids inside the hair; since these are lighter bonds than the disulphide ones, there constructive action of the structure is delicate and does not excessively impact the hair fibre. Its combination with the mechanical action of the hair straightener allows the amino acids to rearrange further, giving the hair surface greater compactness and consequently making it smoother.


THE SAFEST, PUREST AND MOST SUSTAINABLE CONTAINER: AMBER GLASS 100% pure, amber glass does not release toxic substances and does not contain potentially harmful components. It is also a friend of the environment, 100% recyclable and for an infinite number of times.


  • Oway
  • HStraighten $350+
  • Pure NV Botanical Keratin Treatment
  • Pure NV Botanical Keratin Treatment $250+
  • Keratin Complex
  • Keratin Express Blowout $75 w/ a Color Service or $150 Stand alone Treatment