Super Garden Soothing Scalp + Hair Treatment
Super Garden Soothing Scalp + Hair Treatment
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A sensorial journey for your scalp and hair, SUPER GARDEN CBD + CBG Soothing Scalp + Hair Treatment boasts a transforming texture. It starts as a rich butter that melts, when applied to the scalp and strands, into a luxuriously hydrating salve. The scalp is left balanced and soothed, while strands are nourished and softened.

Beneficial Ingredients

Hemp-Derived CBD, nourishes, soothes, protects + promotes a healthy hair and scalp.

Hemp-Derived CBG, helps to rebalance the scalps microbiome to promote healthy hair growth.

Lemon Oil, helps balance the scalp sebum production while mildly cleansing.

Hyaluronic Acid, locks in moisture into the hair and hydrates to avoid a dry scalp.

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