Texture Treatments

Our philosophy at Artistry is to create texture whether it be beautiful curls, or smooth sleek hair with the most natural, non-toxic ingredients in the industry. We would never compromise our guests or employees health with aldahydes, sulfates, surfactants, fragrances, peds, petrochemicals, carcagens or any other harmful chemicals. We create beauty putting your health first.

KeraGreen smoothing Treatment

Keragreen is the new, more natural and organic hair restoration, smoothing, and protein treatment. Formulated with absolutely no formaldehyde, formaldehyde derivatives, parabens, or ammonia; it has been designed as a more gentle, safe, and natural way to rejuvenate and revive hair. The Keragreen smoothing system is a comprehensive solution with supreme respect for the health, wellness, and vitality of hairdressers and clients. With UV protection, L-Cystine amino-acids to fight hair loss, and rich vitamins and nutrients, Keragreen goes unquestioned as the most natural, effective, and respected keratin smoothing treatment in the salon industry.

• Made with Certified Organic Ingredients
• Free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde derivatives, parabens, or ammonia
• Naturally treats hair-loss with L-Cystine amino-acids and nutrients
• Gently restructures bonds to add soft flow, movement, and elasticity
• Restores and rejuvenates hair’s natural beauty while adding strength and vitality.
• Repairs pores, brittle, or damaged hair by adding protein that is rich in nutrients
• Supported by a comprehensive system of specially formulated products

Texture Treatment Services

Smoothing treatment

$250 +

Please note: We are on a level system and these prices reflect starting prices

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