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A better hand and nail Organic super oilstreatment*

Experience the power of plant bioactive, organic super oils, and rich healing fruit butter in our Intelligent Nutrients Hand and Nail Balm. Discover a comprehensive hand and nail care regimen for hydrated nails and glowing hands.

Give your hands and nails the ultimate care they deserve with Intelligent Nutrients Hand and Nail Balm. This high-quality hand balm is more than just a moisturizer - it's a comprehensive hand and nail treatment that nourishes, heals, and hydrates your skin, nails, and cuticles to give them a fresh, youthful look.

Experience The Miracle of Plant Bioactives

Our Intelligent Nutrients Hand and Nail Balm incorporates the power of Plant Bioactives in its composition. These natural ingredients contain potent compounds that provide your skin and nails with nourishing elements. The bioactives rejuvenate your hand, enhancing its smoothness and elasticity while maintaining its natural beauty.

Organic Super Oils - The Elixir of Health for Hand Nails

This hand and nail treatment is infused with organic super oils that deliver a host of beneficial properties. They provide essential nutrients to your hand nails, strengthening them while preventing breakages and promoting healthy growth. Say goodbye to weak, brittle nails with this superb nail treatment.

Rich Healing Fruit Butter for a Wrinkle-Free Hand Balm Experience

The presence of rich healing fruit butter in our hand balm offers excellent hydration. It locks in moisture, ensuring your hands remain wrinkle-free and soft. With regular use of this hand balm, you can wave goodbye to dry, wrinkled hands and say hello to a more vibrant, youthful appearance.

Hydrated Nails & Glowing Hands with the Best Nail Care Products

As part of our top-tier nail care products, the Intelligent Nutrients Hand and Nail Balm doesn't just stop at your hands. It extends its nourishing properties to your nails, ensuring they are always hydrated and healthy. With our hand and nail balm, you get the complete package – hydrated nails and glowing hands in one product.

The hand balm is packaged in an aluminum tube for lightweight portability. Aluminum is compact and a very low footprint package made from one of the most recycled materials available. The aluminum tube is very malleability and takes up less and less space in your bag as it is used. Plus, there will never any surprises as to how much product is left because we know you will never want to unexpectedly run out.

Beneficial Ingredients 

Sea Daffodil

Sea Daffodil
Pancratium Maritimum Extract

Shown to significatly reduce appearance of skin pigmentation and the surface area of dark spots.*
*Based on lab and clinical studies of active ingredient.


Oenocarpus Batua Fruit Oil

Highly nutritive and abundant in fatty acid and protein — key factors in hand and nail hydration, nourishment and protection.


Schinziophyton Rautanenii Oil

A super-oil that helps retain moisture for glowing, radiant skin while smoothing out rough texture and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles.

Blue Sea Kale

Blue Sea Kale
Crambe Maritima Extract

Antioxidant dense to replenish and support healthy hands and nails by protecting against UV and other environmental free radicals.


Salix Alba Extract

Rich in salicylic acid to prep skin for new skin cell development while balancing discoloration for a more even tone.


Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Butter

An anti-inflammatory super fruit with omegas 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids to hydrate and firm. Antioxidant rich to protect against environmental damage.

Aromatic Amazing

Aromatic Amazing

An exquisitely refreshing, sweet and intoxicating, skin-loving blend of bergamot, sweet orange, clove bud, nutmeg, benzoin siam and ylang ylang to rejuvenate both skin and senses. Each aromatic oil is chosen for its inherent antiseptic, calming, immune support, antiviral or other active curative properties that help keep hands and nails strong and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the benefits of using Intelligent Nutrients Hand and Nail Balm?
The Intelligent Nutrients Hand and Nail Balm offers many benefits such as hydrating the skin, strengthening nails, promoting healthy nail growth, and reducing wrinkles on the hands.

What ingredients are used in Intelligent Nutrients Hand and Nail Balm?
Our hand and nail balm is made from plant bioactives, organic super oils, and rich healing fruit butter. These ingredients nourish, heal, and hydrate your skin, nails, and cuticles.

How often should I use the Intelligent Nutrients Hand and Nail Balm?
For best results, we recommend applying the balm at least twice a day – morning and night. However, you can use it more often if you have extremely dry skin or nails.

Can I use the Intelligent Nutrients Hand and Nail Balm on other parts of my body?
Yes, while it's specifically designed for hand and nail care, the balm can also be used on other parts of the body that need extra hydration and nourishment.

Is the Intelligent Nutrients Hand and Nail Balm suitable for all skin types?
Yes, the balm is formulated with natural and organic ingredients, making it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

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