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Please note: We are on a level system and listed pricing reflect starting rates.


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New Talent Artist

New Talent Artist

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At Artistry Salon our focus is providing the best services to all of our customers. We offer different levels of Artists to accommodate all of our guests. Our level system is as follows:

New Talent Artists:

These Artists are licensed cosmetologists with under a year of experience. Our New Talent Artists have completed our training program at Artistry Salon which includes continued education and training by our Master Artist, as well as training with color specialists from the color lines we carry. Our New Talent Artists are detail focused, and will provide a great experience for our guests.

Advanced Artists:

Our Advanced Artists tier has two levels. The Advanced Artists are licensed cosmetologists with experience ranging from 1 year to 3 years. Just like our New Talent Artists, these Artists have also completed the Artistry Training Program. They continue to master their craft with continued education classes, color classes and attending conferences and/or seminars. Our Advanced Artists serve as mentors to our New Talent Artists.

Senior Artists:

Our Senior Artists are licensed cosmetologists ranging from 4 years to 9 years of experience. As with any other Artist that works at Artistry, our Senior Artists complete the Artistry Training Program as well, and focus on continued education, color classes, and focusing on new ways to learn new and cutting techniques in the industry by attending seminars and/or conferences. Our Senior Artists serve as mentors and educators to our Advanced and New Talent Artists.

Master Artists:

Master Artists at Artistry Salon are licensed cosmetologists with 9+ years of experience in the industry. These Artists are not just hairstylists, but educators within the salon and the community. Our Master Artists continue to focus on continued education, color classes, and seminars and/or conferences to stay up-to-date on cutting edge techniques. Our Master Artists are renowned educators not just to the Artists in our salon, but have educated other stylists in the Southwest Florida area and nationally.


Apprentices at Artistry Salon are individuals who are currently in or recent graduates from cosmetology school. Our Apprentices are motivated individuals who are continuously learning and receiving training at Artistry salon to continue to master their skills and understand techniques better outside of what they are learning in cosmetology school. Once they have mastered specific techniques, such as blow drying and styling taught by our Master Artist, our Apprentices provide top-notch styling services to our guests. Apprentices, just like all other levels of Artists at Artistry Salon, are an invaluable part of the team that help to provide a great experience for our guests.